Flash Fiction: GAME OVER by Ola Akindeji

He caressed the glossed curls of his hair for the umpteenth time, tilting his full brows and flashing a seductive smile at his reflection in the mirror.

“Perfect”, he muttered, carefully adjusting his bow tie too. The handsome looking man took a deep heave of satisfaction.

He gently picked the jet black box on the table and placed it in the breast pocket of his three-piece suit. His determination to have a blast that evening was second to none. He tapped his right foot on the lustered flooring, as he took a glance at his well-polished Italian shoe. He nodded in approval again, admiring his well-tailored attire. Shipped in from the UK, the Navy Blue suit, complemented by his sturdy body, oozed elegance and class.

He swiped at his computerized wristwatch, looked up in surprise, swept up his car keys, dashed out of his apartment, jumped into his car and raced out of the compound at top speed, leaving the air dented with the smell of extra screeched tyres.

His destination was the Chinese restaurant located at Area 11, Garki, a 30-minute drive from his apartment. Driving at top speed, he halved the time of the journey.

In the restaurant, seated by the window was a lushly dressed lady who looked in her late 20’s. She peered through the window, admiring the twinkling stars as she sipped from her glass of wine, totally oblivious of everyone around her.

“Athena”, the young man called out softly.

The lady jolted in her seat, spilling the wine in her glass across the table. The young man quickly placed a napkin on the spilled liquid.

“Sorry I’m late, I was caught in traffic”.

“Same old story”, she mouths in reply.

“Look, I’m really sorry about the other night. I never intended to take you for granted. You just misinterpreted the whole thing”, he said half-heartedly.

Her eyes became fiery, while she tried to retrain herself from flaring at him. How can he say she misinterpreted him? Was he even listening to himself? Who kneels before a lady in public just to present a necklace…”

“I’m going a step further today”’ he continued, interrupting her thoughts, and then as if in a melodrama, went  down on one knee, tilting the box with the tip of his fingers.

Flashes of cameras hit them both as a small crowd gathered around, creating a mini movie scene.

“Awwwwwwwww”, surrounded the love birds, amidst gay chatters as they watched the ensuing drama with keen interest.

“Just open it”, he tried to coax her.

She searched his eyes for any hint of mischief, but failed to find any.

“I’m not ready for this”, she said feebly, jumped to her feet and then sprinted out of the restaurant, much to the disappointment of the thronging crowd.

He stood slowly from his kneeling position,feeling dizzy from the shock of the lady’s rejection. He walked back to his car, and slammed the door, adjusting the car sit for himself to sink into. He opened the black box and glared at the glittering earrings contained in it.

This was his first defeat ever. He seemed to be losing his magical touch.

He banged the steering gear… ‘Shit!’


I am Akindeji Ola. I arrived late enough to be tagged ‘baby of the house’. I hail from Modakeke, Osun State, Nigeria. I am presently pursuing a degree in Communication & Language Arts at the University of Ibadan where I hope to hone my craft as a creative writer. I take delight in reading, writing and listening to good music.



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