Three poems | by Victor Ugwu 

1. Dusk


Dusk bleeds

A poem of wreath…


blue sores enclave

Songs coursing

broken tongues of dawn

Seconds walay

On slippery knolls—

Time’s essence fall

Into (y)our stenched pots


This man

From east

Of west

Drinks life from your gourds

As all your yearns

Fix firm roots

In his pockets

While yours rot and rust

2. Easter call

Easter calls

My name from 

The soundbox in


Room—it’s fingers 


To my bed. Lamb’s have learnt

To tilt the sky

While I slip

Into an oiled well

Bluing the knife

For a yam offering.

3. On a platter…

There is a girl

Walking on my grass

Tying a tray on her head

And the wind brushing her hair

She wears a skin of a 

Broken egg

I forget

How to frown

Or count the browning

That line my teeth.

There is a drumming

Drawing a curtain

Waking a man that

Mustn’t sleep

But at a ninth hour,

My sweats are sins

Dripping on God’s window

Preying my soul poor.

Oh Lord

Deliver us from all evil

Else this milk

Course the moon.

Victor Ugwu was born in Onitsha but writes from Minna, all in Nigeria. He is a member of the Hill-top art foundation in Minna. His works have appeared in the Ebedi review, ANA review, Praxis, Dwartonline, and the Kalahari review among others. He is an Aesthete that loves to read Khaleed Houseni, John Green and David Ishaya. He is an author of a poetry collection (Rhythms). 


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