Save my Soul (Episode 8) | by Oyelude Yetunde

​It was a Monday morning, and Kamil was about stepping out of the house with his younger sister, headed to school.

“Ayomide!” Kamil’s dad suddenly called out from his room with a raspy voice.

Kamil frowned, wondering what his father wanted with his sister.

“Daddy is calling me, brother Kamil. Let me go and answer him.” Kamil’s eight-year old sister said, letting go of her brother’s hand.

Kamil nodded in approval, however reluctantly. He felt uneasy. He didn’t like the sound of his dad’s voice just now.

All of a sudden, he could hear his sister’s shrill cry.

He bashed into the room in curiosity.  Fuming, he quickly grabbed his sister and wrapped his arm around her protectively. “Why did you touch her?!” Kamil growled, glaring into his father’s eyes with disdain.

Kamil’s father stood up from his bed baffled at his son’s behaviour. 

Was he okay?

“Can’t I discipline my own daughter whenever she does something wrong again?” He asked, innocently but furiously.

“I won’t allow you hit her again!” Kamil yelled uncontrollably, causing his now quiet sister to flinch in his arms. “I won’t allow you do what to you did to mommy to my sister. I’m no longer a kid so I won’t allow it again. I won’t!” Kamil was panting heavily, unable to keep his anger under control.

He grabbed his sister’s hands now and walked out of the room, leaving his father completely dumfounded.

Ayomide glanced at her older brother as he walked her to her school, wondering why he had acted like that earlier.

“Pay attention to your teachers okay?” Kamil said with a tight smile as he dropped his sister by the school gate.

She nodded. “But brother Kamil,” She started, hesitantly. “I broke the screen of daddy’s lap-top yesterday and lied that I did not break it. That was why he beat me…So why were you mad at Daddy?”

Kamil clenched his jaw, then gave his sister another tight smile before bidding her goodbye.


The SS3 Arts students of Pace Setters secondary school were on a free period and so they did what they knew how to do best. Make a hell of a noise. Kamil was seated quietly on his seat, thinking about what had happened earlier between him and his father. That was the first time in his life that he would yell at his father. He had abhorred the man for so long and so much that he just couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Bimbo huffed again. Where was Abeebat? ‘Even a woman in labour should have delivered safely and returned home’, Bimbo muttered, smiling to herself sarcastically. Further wondering why Abeebat was taking so long having said she was just going to the toilet to urinate.

She couldn’t wait to continue to gist her about the interesting episode of the Korean drama she had watched the previous night. As she kept flicking her eyes to the door, she wondered why Dimeji was hovering around the door too. ‘Crazy fellow’ she muttered, shaking her head.

She grimaced as she sighted her friend walking into the classroom but her expression soon changed to a horror-filled one as she watched her friend fall hard with her face flat on the floor. The whole class gasped as a thud caught their attention. And then, Dimeji started to laugh uncontrollably as he watched Abeebat on the floor, groaning and wincing, trying to get back up.

“Serves you right,” Dimeji sang mockingly. “Told ya I was going to get that revenge.” Then he continued to laugh hard, finding it difficult to control his joy at the sight of Abeebaat wincing in pain and wallowing in embarrassment. Some members of the class had joined him in the laughing, finding the whole scenario funny too.

Bimbo, who was already up from her seat clenched her chubby fists by her side, wanting to cut every single one of them into pieces. Sodiq, who just entered the class, was shocked to see Abeebat on the floor, her uniform stained with dust and apparently hurt. But he was more taken aback by the force with which Kamil stomped forward, out of nowhere, throwing Dimeji a hard blow across his jaw.

“You are insane,” Kamil bellowed with an unapologetic facial expression before turning over to Abeebat. He lifted her up gently and helped to walk her out of the classroom.

“Let me go! Let me go!” Abeebat continued to shout, panting heavily. “Let me go now!” Abeebat threatened as she continued to struggle to get out of Kamil’s strong hold. “I’m going to the principal’s office right now. I’m going to report that dog so let go of me right now!”

Kamil swallowed hard, as he continued to hold her down. He was worried about her. He was sure that she must be having a monstrous headache with that kind of fall but she seemed to be even more energized. “Calm down. Aren’t you having any sort of headache right now?” Kamil inquired, amazed at her level of energy.

Abeebat glared daggers at him, and his gaze shifted to her sweat-filled forehead. He let go of her now, realizing that she was not going to be calmed unless he let go of her first.

Abeebat continued to pant heavily, glaring at Kamil with a disgusted expression. “You are all the same. You and your dog-like friend. You are all the same! So don’t act like a saviour ‘cause you are not.” She was so angry that she had no control over whatever she was spewing out of her mouth. “You bully people and then treat them like shit!” She moved closer to a dazed Kamil now, staring dauntlessly into his eyes. “You think your mom is proud of you right now? You think she is happy in her grave that her son is busy acting like the boss of a bad-boy gang? Smoking, drinking and bulling his mates? You think she is happy?! Huh?! You think she is happy that you are rolling with dogs like Dimeji? Do you?! Nah,” She said, shaking her head. “I don’t think so.” With that Abeebat, tightened her lips and then stormed out of the lab, banging the door loudly behind her.

Kamil subconsciously sat on one of the stools in the lab, staring into space. He was left incapacitated by Abeebat’s heavy words.

Lolade jerked the lab’s door open now and Lolade walked over to Kamil, with her hands placed assertively on her slay hips. “What were you doing with that girl?” She demanded.

Kamil glanced at the floor before staring blankly into her eyes, uttering nothing. She moved closer to him, reiterating her question. But Kamil stood up lifelessly, and then headed for the door.

“Kamil, don’t walk away on me. I demand an answer!” She shouted after him. 

Kamil didn’t budge. He continued to walk away. His heart was unbearably heavy.

“I’m pregnant!” Lolade blurted out.

Kamil stopped dead in his track, turning to her with an astounded look on his face. 

“You are what?” He managed to find his voice, hoping his ears were temporarily faulty.

Lolade moved closer to him with a firm expression.

“Pregnant.” She affirmed. “So you had better not start liking that bitch.”


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