p style=”box-sizing:border-box;border:0;font-family:"font-size:14px;margin-right:0;margin-bottom:10px;margin-left:0;outline-color:initial;outline-style:initial;padding:0;vertical-align:baseline;color:rgb(125,125,125);background-color:rgb(255,255,255);”>

winner 2017


p style=”box-sizing:border-box;border:0;font-family:"font-size:14px;margin-right:0;margin-bottom:10px;margin-left:0;outline-color:initial;outline-style:initial;padding:0;vertical-align:baseline;color:rgb(125,125,125);background-color:rgb(255,255,255);”>Poets in Nigeria (PIN) is pleased to announce Bakre Fadil Adedamola, Ajah Henry Ekene and Bona O. Solomon as prize winners for the 2017 edition of the Nigerian Students Poetry Prize which opened for submissions on 15th February, 2017 and received 725 poems from students drawn from over 100 tertiary institutions in Nigeria and abroad.


p style=”box-sizing:border-box;border:0;font-family:"font-size:14px;margin-right:0;margin-bottom:10px;margin-left:0;outline-color:initial;outline-style:initial;padding:0;vertical-align:baseline;color:rgb(125,125,125);background-color:rgb(255,255,255);”>Bakre Fadil Adedamola, a 400-level student of Philosophy at the University of Ibadan, clinched the first prize with his poem ‘Mixed History’ while Ajah Henry Ekene, a medical student at the University of Benin who entered his poem ‘Song of Freedom’ emerged second. Bona O. Solomon, a student of Guidance and Counselling at the University of Ibadan won the third prize with her poem ‘Beach Chronicles.’


p style=”box-sizing:border-box;border:0;font-family:"font-size:14px;margin-right:0;margin-bottom:10px;margin-left:0;outline-color:initial;outline-style:initial;padding:0;vertical-align:baseline;color:rgb(125,125,125);background-color:rgb(255,255,255);”>The prize winners are entitled to a total cash prize of ₦200,000 and an exclusive feature in the seventh issue of PIN Quarterly Journal and NSPP’s anthology of top 100 poems to be released later in the year.


p style=”box-sizing:border-box;border:0;font-family:"font-size:14px;margin-right:0;margin-bottom:10px;margin-left:0;outline-color:initial;outline-style:initial;padding:0;vertical-align:baseline;color:rgb(125,125,125);background-color:rgb(255,255,255);”>Professor Akachi Ezeigbo, chair of the judging panel including Denja Abdullahi, Ismail Bala, Kukogho Iruesiri Samson, Bassey Asuquo, Oladele Babajamu, Izuchukwu Okeke and Ceri Naz, appraised the winning poems thus: “I have chosen the winning poem “Mixed History” and the two runners-up “Song of Freedom” and “Beach Chronicles” (in that order) not just because of the content but more importantly because they are virtually error-free and make judicious use of imagery, especially as seen in the skillful use of symbols and metaphors.  They are charming poems in every sense of the word and explore serious themes and interesting ideas.”


p style=”box-sizing:border-box;border:0;font-family:"font-size:14px;margin-right:0;margin-bottom:10px;margin-left:0;outline-color:initial;outline-style:initial;padding:0;vertical-align:baseline;color:rgb(125,125,125);background-color:rgb(255,255,255);”>The prize, which was instituted in 2016 to stimulate creativity among Nigerian Undergraduates, has received over 1000 entries since inception, with Noah Oladele (Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife), Chinelo Nwangwu (University of Ibadan) and Chisom Okafor (University of Nigeria, Nsukka) emerging prize winners of the maiden edition.


p style=”box-sizing:border-box;border:0;font-family:"font-size:14px;margin-right:0;margin-bottom:10px;margin-left:0;outline-color:initial;outline-style:initial;padding:0;vertical-align:baseline;color:rgb(125,125,125);background-color:rgb(255,255,255);”>Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom


p style=”box-sizing:border-box;border:0;font-family:"font-size:14px;margin-right:0;margin-bottom:10px;margin-left:0;outline-color:initial;outline-style:initial;padding:0;vertical-align:baseline;color:rgb(125,125,125);background-color:rgb(255,255,255);”>Moderator, NSPP 2017


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