Three poems | by Jake St. John

​Nights At Mike’s

We were 



and knew it all

higher than a hawks nest

in his parents basement

we’d change the world 

and find ourselves

before it was all 

said and done

we told anyone

that would listen

that someday 

we’d cross 

the country


they said 

they’d been saying 

the same thing 

for 30 years

those words 

were in my head

as the car 

left his driveway

and we headed out

with the morning sun

in our rearview

Before The Storm


in their








the sky

A Ceremony of Steps

In the flooded

streets of sun 

I walk

loves of yesterday 

relax like shadows

in the grass

past hamlet churches 


in the dimness

of trees

I walk

where  preachers

wipe venom 

from the tongues 

of sheep

wind swirling 


through leaves

green corridors 

of morning 

beginning to breath

Jake St. John writes out of New London, CT and is the author of several collections of poetry and pamphlet poems including, Rotations (Night Ballet Press 2015), Looking For Sunflowers (Good Cop/Bad Cop, 2012), and Change of Address (Unarmed 2010).  His work has appeared in numerous literary and arts magazines such as, The Blue Collar Review, Big Hammer, and The People’s Tribune.  Since 2007 he has served as the editor of Elephant and co-editor of Flying Fish.  

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