Appraisal of Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom’s Punctured silence | by Ayomikun Akinlosose

What do you consider as poetry? Is it just the creative way of penning down thoughts? Or is it the combination of words suffering from delusions of grandeur? Or mere embellishment of words with puns? Reading Kolade Olanrewaju’s Punctured Silence, I discovered that poetry is a collection of words that imbue us with strong feelings and desires to effect positive changes and the resolve to banish, eradicate and militate against ignoble, despicable and inimical acts.

Award winning poet, Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom in Punctured silence, cleverly punctures our long years of silence and stirs in us the need to right the wrongs in our immediate society (Nigeria), Africa – which he epitomizes in his poem ‘Arise, O Africa’ and the world in general. The poet reaches out to us to nib problems that have pernicious effects at the bud in order to prevent imminent calamities. He calls out to individuals and the government to reinvigorate the wellbeing of our dear country, Nigeria, in all spheres.

In a well-organized form, the poet, wielding words in a very commendable style and employing the use of deserving metaphors and similes, calls for the need to heal the world using words and to revive the need for justice to prevail. He also attacks the dangerous game, corruption, by removing life support from this bestial enemy that has dragged our society down into the gutters.

The poet addresses the problems of the African continent which have for years been blamed on the Colonialists and paves the right path for love, justice, peace, hard work, positivity and commitment to growth and development for us to walk and work in. I found this collection of poetry to be timely, fascinating and moving. The poet excelled at beautifully weaving words to express meaning. I was impressed with the book’s well thought-out themes that passionately made a clarion call for us to take our destiny into our hands and make sure that life is better, not in words but in meaning.

However, Punctured silence is written using some descriptions that may prove to be difficult to audiences that are not familiar with words clad in poetic images and pun which we, lovers of poetry, find exciting.

Nevertheless, Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom is an outstanding poet. He admonishes, encourages and challenges us with his poems which are a unique and gripping blend of faith, love, justice, commitment and perseverance to fight our problems and deal effectively with arising issues.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book; in fact, it was unputdownable! I can boldly say that, when you are done reading this beautiful poetry collection, you would feel the need to cleanse the world of its filthiness and make it a better place worthy of being called home.

Punctured Silence by Kolade Olanrewaju is available on Amazon.

Akinlosose Ayomikun is an essayist and a public speaker. She’s currently studying communication and Language Arts at the University of Ibadan. She’s a lover of books and good music. She strongly believes that one sound idea is all that one needs to achieve success.


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