Three poems | by Sanjeev Sethi


During initiation an unwritten contract is formed.

A wordless mise penned to fine print. When blue-

print is betrayed ruptures appear. More serious the 

transgression more rooted the rent. There is no 

testimony or tribunal. Those with injured feelings 

respond: bluster of terraqueous beings.


Let me lie. Turds of 

truth have vexed me. 

Every version annoys.

Let me whomp up 

within the ambit 

of acceptance.
For a while, let me live.
Between pilcrows and 

pauses, the flow elapses. 

Verities hold well in 

eclipses and ellipsis. 

Words are my bayonet

my billfold.



Thorn prickles its grower the most.


Lepidopterists understand

the pace of pendulums.


If a harmonium holds,

it will strain.


Forced lines:




Sometimes empty canvases 

are better than attended ones.


On my paper

lingers residue

of many unrests.


Even if I see too much.

Why isn’t the slate clean?


As pen stops ideas undress on  

mattress of mind. Another day 

primmed in townwear they flow. 

Sanjeev Sethi is the author of three well-received books of poetry. His most recent collection is This Summer and That Summer (Bloomsbury, 2015). His poems are in venues around the world: Mad Swirl, Olentangy Review, Peacock Journal, Indefinite Space,  Yellow Mama, Serving House Journal, The Penwood Review, Soul-Lit, The Tower Journal, London Grip, 3:AM Magazine, Spillwords, and elsewhere. He lives in Mumbai, India. 


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