Two Poems | by Kemi Okunade


You sold me the story of forever,

‘Cause you knew I would hear no other

So you painted the world we will be friends forever,

‘Cause you knew a girl like her won’t take lesser.

You held my hands and we walked down the aisle

For anything less, would have been a no dealer


But you knew…

You knew we were only living my dream

The dream where you don’t see yourself

As you were an actor caught in the act

For you weren’t interested in the Missy,

You were only interested in testing your hold on her

Of course, the drama has to come to an end

You shatter her and she has to find her pieces



I should not have let you go

I should not have walked away

But I was stupid

I was naive

And I did not know the meaning of the word “love”

I was flirty, stupid and superfluous.


I could not understand why you got pained at my acts

I could not understand why your face reddened at my words

But it took me being caught in the cobwebs of lies

For me to understand what you had felt

For me to go through the pain you had gone through

And it had shamed me.


I had held my phone that night

And I had called your number from the forgotten ones

My palpitations high,

One ring,

Two rings

And when I was about giving up and changing my mind

You had picked and said “love”


I have cried my eyes out

Could someone love me this much?

I had asked for your forgiveness

And you had said:

“Love is understanding, you do not owe me sweetheart.”


You had comforted me,

And I had told you the story of the blackguard who stole my heart.

You had answered:

“If you are willing to try again, I am here for you.
I would teach you how to love yourself and me.
Love is patient and I’ve been waiting for you all this while.”


Kemi Okunade is a graduate of Mass Communication from Olabisi Onabanjo University. She’s currently running her master’s degree in Cultural and Media Studies at the University of Ibadan. When Kemi is not writing, she’s reading, sewing or surfing the net.



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