JINXED | by Betiku Ayokunle Samuel 

They surrounded him, their fiendish gaze reflecting fury and peharps frustration. To the gang composed of very young lads, George seemed invincible. There appeared to be a repelling force around him playing upon their emotions and inducing somber thoughts of the worst kinds. Still, they would not relent. They’d spent days mapping out the best way to deal with the ‘freaky guy’. Turning back now would be an unpardonable sin.
‘We’ll kill you wierdo!’ yelled a stout grumpy fellow who brandished a wooden club in his right hand. Apparently he was the leader of the group and the most enthusiastic of them all. 

George stood in the centre, seemingly unmoved by the ominous air that pervaded the scene. Only his clenched fists reflected a slight nervousness. Taking the number of his assailants in one sweep of his gaze, he counted six. He approached the first guy who was closer to him than the others. The effect was sporadic for as soon as he drew near to the lad, the rest ran a few metres behind. Only the taunting yells of their leader calling them ‘cowards’ prevented them from leaving.

George quickly grabbed the chap by the right arm just when he was about taking flight. A slight struggle ensued before the lad realizing he was no match for the more muscular George gave in. George held on to his arm and quickly shoved a few banknotes into the lad’s pocket. The lad apparently shocked by this unexpected gesture looked at his pockets sheepishly. The rest of the gang had by this time drawn nearer though not aware of what was going on between the two.

‘Faint!’ George whispered quickly. The lad caught the cue and instantly fell in a fit of exaggerated convulsive movements. The effect this time was stronger. The rest of the gang with their leader ran away in panic with cries of ‘he’s been jinxed!’.

After they were no longer in sight, George motioned to the still ‘convulsing’ lad to stop. Rising up with a smile on his face, he began a series of accolades from which he would not have ceased had George not stopped him. 

‘Do me a favour’, George said, ‘spread the news’. The lad nodded affirmatively and took off with glee.

George looked on satisfactorily. Once more, he had won.

Betiku Ayokunle Samuel is a student of the Department of Microbiology, University of Ibadan. His interest in writing began in primary school and escalated upon reading some of the classic novels by Sir H. Rider Haggard.


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