Three poems | by Ana M. Torres

​The Shattered World

What is wrong with our world?
Where has sense gone?
Afraid I’ve become
Of the human spirit.

What have we done?
Does anyone care?
We can’t trust
What we see anymore.

Perhaps too informed
To the point of ignorance,
We no longer speak
Its hatred we spew.
Some show ugly souls.
Compassion has left,
but who understands
for we all share this world.


The skyline that glittered

I stood and I watched,

Surrounded by bridge

With necklace type lights.

The skyline at night

I watched passing cars,

Feeling serene,

How lovely, how bright.

Twin buildings

A time when they stood,

Everything smiled,

And they understood.

The Cost of War

The cost of war
Heroic they say,
They’ve made us believe
It’s normal and okay.

They kill, and they maim
With weapons to chill,
For freedom’s cry
In death they lie still.

It’s never okay
To destroy and kill,
A force on our will,
Not normal to kill.

The cost is too high
In war many die,
They’ll never say why
Or wipe out their lies.


Ana M. Torres also known as A.M. Torres is the author of the Child Series beginning with Love Child which was first published in 2011.  It’s followed by its sequels Child No More, and Child Scorned. She has published poetry books Shadowed Tears, and Turmoil (released this year) Ana grew up in Brooklyn, New York with her parents, and six siblings. She is the mother of two boys Jason 20, and Kristofer 7. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in the Social Sciences with education concentration.  She currently lives in Staten Island with her boys, and their father Walter Lewis.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Mary O'Donnell says:

    Insightful & I’m afraid right on the mark re: our world today Thank-Yoe Annie❤️👍😘


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