Three poems | by JD DeHart


My thoughts were seafoam

green, full of scales,

in my wading childhood.


The rivers fed into larger

seas of mystery, devoid of



The world was simple,

I was brave, fish flying

away front steps,


walking as if trudging

on seamonsters in the


Rejected Poem

Dear sweet poem,

I birthed you after words

swam in my mind

for hours.  You cried


but I did my best

to reassure you.  What

else could I offer you

but promises in an

unkind world?


It was all I could

muster, then sending you

out, only to see you

returned, my precious

gift, unopened.


A face, two eyes,

normal smiling mouth,

a decent nose.


Then the mask, the

cape, the plans

for saving the city.


All the best was

intended, all good and

valiant deeds —


beautiful in a comic

strip, strangely

awkward in life.


JD DeHart is a writer and teacher.  He blogs about books at dehartreadingandlitresources.blogspot.comand publishes poetry at


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