Damascus in Syria before the war | by Sofia Kioroglou

I love spring

Whenever I look out the window

I see a riot of color.


Flowers of all forms and sizes

Blossoming in my garden

after being shrinking violets.


But Nigella damascena

is my favorite reminding me

of Damascus in Syria before the war


Reminding me that the Chaghoura,

the beautiful gazelle will protect me

from snipers, rapists and bombs


I am a writer, a poet, a pilgrim, a missionary and a wife! I find writing to be a form of catharsis. My poems are imbued with deep empathy and begging for answers. Sometimes my lines are overlaid with religious nuances only to provide a compass for my journey in life and jumping-off point for my inspiration. I hate great talkers as everything runs out of them like leaky pitchers. Titles are ok but quite distracting when it comes to serving the immanent purpose of poetry. I have a book coming out in March entitled ” Literary Journeys to the Holy Land”. My poetry can be found online and in print. For more information, drop by my blog at:sofiakioroglou.wordpress.com


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