Sometimes ago, my friend told me there is nothing new in Nigeria. What is being called news is not new. What is being reported is old stories that are being recycled because of relevance and the need to report something. Abi what is new in fuel price hike? What is special about corruption and bad governance. What is strange in the kidnap of girls in boarding schools?

When the Chibok girls were kidnapped, it was new. Nothing of such had ever happened in Nigeria. There was a global outcry and everybody wanted their girls back. But since the bringing back has become more or less a fairytale, the Chibok girls just had to be rescued in Black Panther.

Then another recycling of an old story needed to happen, so the Dapchi girls were kidnapped. But this time, there was a miscalculation, it didn’t become a global sensation like the Chibok story. It has become a Nigerian norm. Nothing new. In fact, some people In Nigeria could have missed the story altogether.

But you see, it is strange when the said abducted girls are returned to where they were first kidnapped by those who kidnapped them. In this very interesting twist, the tormentors took a turn to become saviours. Earning them an heroic welcome.

But the world is not watching a great play that should have been an instant international box office success.

This is the real Wakanda spirit playing out in Nigeria. No fiction. A true superhero story that is being lived. But in this particular script, the abductors had to be the Wakanda and not the government. This is where I tell you Wakanda is over hyped and our story is being downplayed.

As much as I do not understand the script that is presently playing in Nigeria and I’m trying to be immune to making sense of whatever scene or act is currently running. This should be Season 2, I had enough of Season 1 already. One thing is quite sure, it is becoming a rite of passage for girls to be abducted months before a forthcoming election in Nigeria. But the new angle is those same girls are being released by their abductors. It doesn’t happen everyday. Bravo APC

Oh! by the way, just in case you think APC didn’t do anything, they returned our girls. Remember they promise us the return of our girls and forgot to add the “fresh” to the girls. They made good on their promise, they delivered.

Unfortunately, this is not as sensational as it should have been. It has happened before and the twist of return does not make it in any way special.

You can only successfully cry once, before it becomes a wolf cry, no matter how differently it ends the next time around.

Welcome girls.
Wehdone APC.
Thank you Mr President. Mr President, ovation is still loudest now, don’t forget to take a bow.


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  1. kennynines says:

    So let me get this straight: Are these young girls being abducted or merely “Borrowed” for use as bargaining chips to win an election? Has APC ever lost an election while using this tactic? Do you ever wonder what might happen to these exploited young girls if APC didn’t get what they wanted? I don’t understand how you can see this as anything but despicable, but I don’t know everything. Please help me understand.


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