Between Buhari and Naomi Campbell |Kemi Okunade

Yorubas would say “e ni wa fa, wa ofo”, meaning it is a person who seeks disproportionate or preposterous intent, seeks for misfortune or detriment. That’s the case of our dear president and Naomi Campbell.

Let’s put sentiments aside for a minute and agree that there is no way President Buhari would have known who Naomi Campbell is before setting foot in Lagos. A man who is capable of appointing dead people is not likely to have interest in the living to now talk of an international model who is not even of Nigerian descent. I know she’s black.

Haven’t said that, we know all politicians and political parties in Nigeria are searching for cheap publicity in a bid to outdo one another. I could imagine someone whispering to President Buhari that Naomi Campbell is a big INTERNATIONAL star. International star means International acceptance. That’s all it would have taken our president to flash his gap teeth and shake hands with a lady. That should look good in the international community. Way to go Mr President!

Don’t forget what should have put the APC government in the limelight was treated like one of those things. Did Dapchi girls rescue fly beyond Nigeria? Oh, I think its Dapchi negotiation.

The photo with Naomi should have been a cheap publicity for the President, little would have the presidency known that Naomi Campbell is also searching for a presidential stamp. She needs to keep counting the Presidents she has met. She’s a celebrity after all and things like that are newsworthy and reiterates her Star factor. Who would have guessed she would say Buhari invited her for the private launch…really? That’s too her advantage now. Star. Celebrity. She would not have ordinarily gone to see the Nigerian president if she weren’t invited.

She’s that big. International.

Did nobody tell her Nigerians have no chill? Is she some sort of activist for Nigerians to feel good about her commissioning a project with the President. Is she Bill Gates that said the people’s mind? I know she’s propably unaware of the open examination of people trying to name one project initiated, executed and commissioned by Buhari. It even has a monetary reward.

This is clearly a case of cheap publicity going bad for both of them. Since it takes an animal like Tolu Ogunlesi to know other animals, Tolu should take a chill pill and allow the President and Naomi enjoy this dance of social media censure before another thing comes along. Hopefully, big brother would make everybody forget about them tomorrow. Tolu should take time out and pray Cee C remains in her best form.

The Presidency and Naomi Campbell shot themselves in the foot. Let them enjoy this party


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