​Trust the process  Vote | by Mare Leonard

They say. Stick around to see how

this flick kicks

watchers  into the stratosphere.


What cartoon will crack us up

Mickey Mouse

Donald Duck?   Wait, doesn’t

Obama have big ears?


Poor Rachel Maddow

Did you see her?

she cried on national TV.


I can imagine her straining

her  long neck

pleading in a Betty Boop voice,


Please Popeye, please

let’s  see the sailor man

knock Bluto up to Neptune.


Can anyone save the day?

Do we believe?

The Tommies did smash the Jerries

in the Big One

It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.


The supreme court nominee

might send us underground

into a dark hole to snake around

with Gasoon, that cartoon.

Democracy is going underground


Even Facebook is corrupt

change your profile:

 born in Kazakhstan, roomed 

with a blonde girl at finishing school    

some exotic name I forgot

She designed shoes


Today gives her mother-in-law advice:

wear the stilettos  

Will keep you above the flood line.


Of course the white pant suit

like Hillary’s!

wear it to the Inauguration


Don’t get crazee now,

don’t believe

The green jacket Melania wore

To visit the immigrant children

was an accidental swish–

off the hanger   onto her shoulders,


Her side kicks said   meat for the press  

what if that very hanger

yes that  hanger was used

by your girl who dies from a botched D&C

the discreet name

for an abortion. That’s all folks


Thy will be done   when Roe vs. Wade

bites the dust

flushed down Scott Pruitt’s  cesspool


Don’t go nuts   so what if

her jacket said

  I don’t really care do U

We can’t let the animals, criminals in

Let our peaches rot on the vine

Send  them back. Don’t cry for the kids


Don’t you really want to make America

great again?   Remember this:

Disney made the Duck an ill-tempered

squawking fool

who wore a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit.



Mare Leonard lives in an old school house overlooking The Rondout Creek.  Away from her own personal blackboard, she teaches  through the Institute for Writing and Thinking and the MAT program at Bard College. She has published four chapbooks of poetry and a new one, The Dark Inside the Hooded Coat will be published shortly at Finishing Line Press. http://www.mareleonard.com


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  1. Ingrid bruck.ingrid@yahoo.comuck says:

    great photo of you to accompany a profound and stirring piece of writing. Way to go, poet!


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